PVS 2020 Short Course Senior Champs - Qualifying Times Apply

Mar 5, 2020 - Mar 7, 2020 (10:00 PM)
February, 24 2020


Name:  PVS 2020 Short Course Senior Championships

Date:  March 5-8 2020

Due Date: Monday, February 24th, 2020



Warm-Ups: 4:30-5:30 pm                   Events Start: 5:40 pm

Friday, Saturday & Sunday Prelims

Warm-Ups: 7:00-8:50 am                   Events Start: 9:00 am

Friday, Saturday & Sunday Finals

Warm-Ups 4:30-5:50 pm                   Events Start: 6:00 pm


Location:  UMD – Eppley Rec Center, College Park, MD 20740


Eligibility details: 

This meet has QUALIFYING TIMES.  A swimmer must have achieved a time that is equal to or faster than the qualifying time to enter the event.  The qualifying times are listed in the meet announcement under the documents section below.

Swimmers must have equaled or bettered the applicable Qualifying Times (posted under documents below) listed. All Qualifying Times must have been achieved on or after February 25, 2018.  All Qualifying Times must have been achieved in a USA Swimming sanctioned, observed or approved meet.

Bonus Events: Any athlete, who is entered into at least one individual event, may enter one bonus event for which they meet the Bonus Qualifying Time.  Athletes entered in two or more individual events may enter two bonus events for which they meet the Bonus Qualifying Time.  Athletes entering bonus events may compete in no more than the maximum number of individual events per day (3) or the meet (7).  No “No Time” entries will be accepted for Bonus Events. Bonus Qualifying Times are posted at the end of the meet announcement located under the documents section below.

If a swimmer is entered with NT, they will be removed from that event. SCY entry times are conforming times for this meet.  LCM entry times are non-conforming times and will be seeded after SCY entries.  Bonus entries will be seeded last.

A contestant may compete in a maximum of seven (7) individual events.  No more than three (3) individual events per day.  Swimmers shall compete at the age attained on the first day of the meet.

Positive Check In will be used for the 1000 and 1650 freestyle events and the 400 and 800 relays.  Please see meet announcement for Positive Check In times. All other events will be seeded after the scratch/ check-in deadlines listed in the meet announcement.

National Championship scratch rules apply for swimmers scratching from finals. See meet announcement for details.

Please speak with your coach if you have any questions regarding this meet.