2020 ISCA International Junior Cup

Mar 24, 2020 - Mar 28, 2020
February, 29 2020
Blue Senior ([* ALL Locations *])



North Shore Aquatic Complex

901 North Shore Drive NE St. Petersburg, FL 33701

I have to do pe- registration to athletes with deposit to secure a spot for our team!!! Please let me know ASAP of your plans to swim at that meet!

ISCA Athlete Fee is $45.00/per swimmer including relay only swimmers.

GUARANTEED REGISTRATION: Teams that have made a pre- registration athlete deposit on are given guaranteed registration. Please note that in the absence of a preregistration deposit, teams are not guaranteed a place in the meet (ven if entries are submitted through OME).

The qualifying times are posted below. The meet is at the end of the school break.

If you participate at this meet you canskip Senior Champs.



TYPE OF MEET: All Finals sessions will be r u n in LONG COURSE METERS format. All preliminary sessions will be r un in SHORT COURSE YARDS format. Two eight -lane SC Y courses may be used for prelims and one ten - lane course will be set up for evening finals.

There will be six finals heats. There will be a Bonus, Consolation Final, and a Championship Final for both 16 & Under and Senior categories for all events 200 and below. For events 400 and above, we will only have a Consolation and Championship Final. There will be a 25 yard/25 meter pool for constant warm up.

Please read the meet information and see the qualifying times

Meet information

Qualifying times