HOME Meet vs FAST (Theme: PJ Party)

Jul 1, 2020
June, 24 2020
May 31, 2020
(this is a team hosted event)


Declare your commitment to opt in/out of the meet ONLINE by midnight June 24th.


Night meets are unique!  They start like a swim meet and end more like camping...

  • ARRIVE:  no later than 4:45.Check in with your Coach first, and then AGC.
  • DURATION:  We start at 6 and hope to end around 9PM.
  • SNACK BAR:  Pack light and support the team with delicious dinner options.
  • BRING:
    • Extra towels (one per swim); they don't dry between races
    • Blankets or sleeping bags; swimmers like to snuggle between races
    • Dry clothes;  have something dry to put on after your last race
    • Flashlight.  It can be hard finding things in the grass after dark.
  • ORDER:  At home night meets, the Sharks like to get some of the little kids home early.  After event 48 (the break), we skip forward to the U6 & 7/8 free relays (events #69, 70, 71, & 72).  Then, we go back to event #49 and run to the end. 
  • CLEAN UP:If your child is done before event 80, please do something to clean up the Cabana before you go (put away chairs/loungers, etc). The folks who stay til the end shouldn’t clean for us all.Many hands, light work!