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2020 VSA League Championships - SATURDAY

Jul 25, 2020 (08:30 AM) - Jul 25, 2020 (03:00 PM)
July, 10 2020
July 10, 2020
(this is a team hosted event)
2020 Heat (11/12 Boys,11/12 Girls,13/14 Boys,13/14 Girls,15/18 Boys,15/18 Girls,6U Boys,6U Girls,7/8 Boys,7/8 Girls,9/10 Boys,9/10 Girls)


2020 VSA League Championship Meet

**RH will provide tents for this meet**

Dougherty Valley High School

10550 Albion Rd, San Ramon, CA 94582

The VSA League Championship Meet will be held on Saturday and Sunday, July 25 -26, 2020, starting at 8:30 am both days.  

The meet will have a Trials / Finals format for all individual events except for IM and relays which will be

ORDER OF EVENTS:                                                                








Fun Relays


CLERK:  For trials events, the Clerk of the Course will be run for check in and lane placement for all swimmers 8 years and younger.  9/10's and up will check in at the Clerk of the Lane. For finals events, all age groups will check-in to the Clerk of the Course.  Clerk of the Course check-in for the first event each day will begin 15 minutes before start of meet. 

Warm-ups Each team has only two lanes and one hour to warm-up (7:15-8:15 am). With 175 swimmers entered in the meet from Round Hill, we need to be creative with our warm-up schedule.  Please meet behind lanes XX and XX during your allotted time.

Meet at 8:15am for Team Meeting & Cheer at deep end corner of lane 20 (Saturday only). 11/12s swimming IM need to go straight to the clerk of the lane after meeting. 

With regard to relays, we entered as many relay teams as possible based on swimmer availability.  Our medley relay entries listed in the program are concrete, only a coaches decision will make a change. Freestyle relays will be finalized Saturday evening after freestyle events. All listed freestyle relays are subject to change. 

Swimmer and job check in will be in front of the RHCC Tent area.  ALL SWIMMERS MUST CHECK IN. If we do not have your swimmer checked in they may be removed from a relay. Swimmers and jobs must be checked in by 8am both Saturday and Sunday.  If you signed up for a job, please be sure check your email for a reminder that will include additional instructions. 



Programs will be on sale on Friday evening at:


NO Alcohol will be permitted on the Dougherty Valley High School Premises.   

Violation of this Rule will result in the Teams Disqualification from the Meet.