McMurchy Reno

Feb 10, 2020 - Mar 5, 2020
February, 10 2020
Staff (McMurchy Pool)


We are excited to announce McMurchy Reno projects are in progress.

These projects will disrupt our regular flow for a couple of weeks but will enhance our clients experience at COBRA


1. Roof work still in progress so Exit lane in back parking lot still blocked until completion of this project.


2. COBRA Men & Women  change rooms will be closed Feb. 11- March 5. All programming will temporarily be relocated to downstairs change rooms. Ask any COBRA staff for assistance in finding downstairs change rooms.


3. New carpet project in common area/meeting rooms.  

There will be no accessibility in this area starting Feb. 11 - Feb 24.  This includes the head coaches office and/or walking thru the area or meeting rooms.


Membership can enter & exit utilizing COBRA main side entrance.  

Swimmers must enter & exit through the front McMurchy sliding doors entrance and proceed to the downstairs change rooms.  



See you at the pool.