Volunteer Checks DUE 6/19

Apr 29, 2021 - Jun 19, 2021
June, 20 2020
Summer Developmental Dive, Summer Developmental Dive & Swim, Summer Dive only, Summer Swim only


Each family will be required to provide a check of $125 during the first week of practice. Please write checks out to 'Pennridge Aquatic Club'.   Please hand the check to a board member. The check will  not be deposited, the board will hold onto the check and return when the family has met the volunteer requirements of X** DIBS/JOBS requirements.

DIBS/JOBS can be earned by volunteering at our Time Trial meet, dual meets and PAC Events. There will be numerous opportunities to fulfill the volunteer requirement and you get to choose how you want to volunteer. The goal of the PAC board is to return all checks at the end of the season. The team does not want to deposit one check, but rather have each family volunteer!! 

More details on volunteering will be provided during our parents meeting.

**JOBS/DIBS requirement amounts will be calculated and we will notify the team how many volunteer spots are required per family (In past years it has been @7)