2019-20 Michigan YMCA 9 & Over State Championships

Feb 29, 2020 - Mar 1, 2020
February, 21 2020


The original meet file had a few glitches.  :) Updated meet file loaded to TU on 2-19-20. 

***All of those that signed up by that date, are signed up in the same events as previous meet file.  Those that have yet to sign up, please do so by this Friday, February 21st.

Please see coach if any concerns or questions regarding the State meet entries, and/or recommended events for your swimmer.

Again, Congratulations of making the MYST State team!

3 individual event maximum per day. May also swim a relay each day in addition to the 3 individual event maxiumum per day.

Bonus events:
A bonus event is one in which the swimmer does not have a qualifying time.

Swimmers with one individual state qualifying time, may swim 2 bonus events.

Swimmers with two individual qualifying times, may swim one bonus event.

Swimmers with 3 or more qualifying times are not able to add bonus events.

Please see a coach with any questions or concerns.