End of Season Party

Aug 8, 2020 (04:30 PM) - Aug 8, 2020 (07:00 PM)
August, 8 2020
August 8, 2020
(this is a team hosted event)


Hi all,

Per tradition, we will be having our annual end of the season party at Stonecreek pool following Champs. This usually starts around 4:30 p.m. but may start a bit later if champs goes longer than we anticipate.  This is a fun event where the kids get to hang out, have fun, swim some more, jump off the diving board, get medals/awards, eat dinner (this year we will be having Stonefire Grill), and lots of dessert, and get some well deserved awards! During this event, we also have a basket for those interested in giving thank you and appreciation gifts or cards to our wonderful coaches. This is voluntary and optional of course!


  • As indicated above, we will provide dinner for this event, but we ask families to bring kid friendly drinks (for at least 12 people) and dessert (for at least 12 people) to share!
  • In addition, at this time (unlike during practices), we do not have the entire pool to ourselves.  Thus, all families that have Woodbridge key cards must bring your card as there will be someone there at the gate since it is during normal hours.  Families that don't have key cards will have to come in with other families who have the cards if the gate keeper asks.  Also, please be respectful of the non Tritons folks that might be there using the pool at the same time we are having our little (but really kind of big) party!  
  • Please sign up (job sign up under the event) to help set-up/serve food or clean up if you did not fulfill your Champs obligations by signing up for a spot at Champs or during the Pentathlon (we could not do this without you and appreciate you volunteering for our kids).  

Congrats everyone for such an amazing swim season!

Triton's Swim Team Board and Coaches