Aquajets Summer Invitational (LCM) ~ U of M

Jun 11, 2020 - Jun 14, 2020
April, 26 2020


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For more detailed information on the meet, see the Meet Information below.


University of Minnesota; Jean K. Freeman Aquatic Center, 1910 University Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455


Thursday June 11 - 11 & Over Timed Finals Session 1––Warm-Ups 1:30 PM-2:30 PM, Meet Start 2:40 PM 


Thursday June 11 - 11 & Over Timed Finals (800 Freestyle only) Session 2––Warm-Ups 5:45 PM-6:15 PM, Meet Start 6:20 PM 


Friday June 12 - 13 & Over Preliminaries Session 3––Warm-Ups 7:00 AM-8:00 AM, Meet Start 8:10 AM 


Friday June 12 - 11-12 Preliminaries and 10 & Under Timed Finals Session 4––Warm-Ups 11:50 AM- 12:50 PM, Meet Start 1:00 PM 


Friday June 12 - 11 & Over Finals Session 5––Warm-Ups 4:50 PM-5:50 PM, Meet Start 6:00 PM 


Saturday June 13  - 13 & Over Preliminaries Session 6––Warm-Ups 7:30 AM-8:30 AM, Meet Start 8:40 AM 


Saturday June 13 - 12 & Under Timed Finals Session 7––Warm-Ups 12:40 PM-1:40 PM, Meet Start 1:50 PM 


Saturday June 13 - 13 & Over Finals Session 8––Warm-Ups 4:50 PM-5:50 PM, Meet Start 6:00 PM 


Sunday June 14 - 12 & Under Timed Finals Session 9––Warm-Ups 7:20 AM-8:20 AM, Meet Start 8:30 AM 


Sunday June 14 - 11 & Over Timed Finals (1500 Freestyle only) Session 10––Warm-Ups 10:55 AM-11:25 AM, Meet Start 11:30 AM


*Aquajets reserves the right to modify all warm-up and session start times (earlier or later) as dictated by entry numbers and meet needs. Participating teams will be notified if any changes are made.


Time Trials

Time trials will be offered, time permitting, and as decided by the meet referee who may specify entry restrictions to keep the time trials at a reasonable size. Time trials are open only to swimmers in the meet. Cost is $ 20.00 per event. Requests must be submitted through the swimmers coach (or assigned coach).


Open Lanes

The Minnesota Swimming Open Lane Swim procedure will be utilized. Sign-ups are on a space-available basis and will be available online from Wednesday, May 27th, 2020 at 12:00 pm to Monday, June 8th, 2020 at 2:00 pm. Detailed sign-up procedures will be provided to coaches after all regular entries have been received. The fee for an Open Lane swim is $14.00. The fees for Open Lane Swims will be billed to teams along with their regular meet fees and must be paid by the team prior to the start of the meet, along with their regular fees, in one consolidated check. All open lanes swims must be requested online prior to the deadline above; there will be no Open Lane registration at the meet. Swimmers must be registered in the swim meet in order to have the opportunity to participate in Open Lane Swims and do not need to have the qualifying time standard. Swimmers may not exceed their daily event limit, including Open Lane Swims. Swimmers may scratch an event in order to swim an Open Lane Swim (to stay within the entry limit), but no refunds will be given for scratched events. Open Lane Swims will not score and are not eligible to qualify for event finals. There will be no Open Lane Swims in events that are positive check-in (11 & Over 400 Meter Individual Medley, 13 & Over 400 Meter Freestyle, 11 & Over 800 Meter Freestyle, 12 & Under 400 Meter Freestyle, and 11 & Over 1500 Meter Freestyle).

Scratch deadlines:

11 & Over 400 Meter Individual Medley

13 & Over 400 Meter Freestyle

11 & Over 800 Meter Freestyle

12 & Under 400 Meter Freestyle

11 & Over 1500 Meter Freestyle

The above events are positive check-in events, with deadlines on the day the event is scheduled, as determined by the Meet Referee. If an athlete checks in and fails to compete, he or she will be barred from his or her next event (unless excused by the Meet Referee). If a swimmer has no further competition from which to be barred, a $100 fine will apply.

Entry Limits

8 individual events and 2 relay events maximum for meet per swimmer.


Entry Limits

Session 1 Thursday – 11 & Over Timed Finals

2 individual events

Session 2 Thursday  – 11 & Over Timed Finals

1 individual event

Session 3 Friday  – 13 & Over Prelims

3 individual events

Session 4 Friday – 11-12 Prelims and 10 & Under Timed Finals

3 individual events

Session 6 Saturday – 13 & Over Prelims

3 individual events

Session 7 Saturday – 12 & Under Timed Finals

4 individual events

Session 9 Sunday – 12 & Under Timed Finals

3 individual events

Session 10 Sunday – 11 & Over Timed Finals

1 individual event


Minimum qualifications: Latest edition as of January 1st, 2020 USA Swimming National Age Group Motivational Times “A” standards for all 9 & Over events.  8 & Under events will use Minnesota Swimming 2019-2020 "Gold" time standards.

The host club may establish a lower time standard for its own athletes.