Finals @ Selma

Jul 18, 2020 (09:00 AM) - Jul 18, 2020 (03:00 PM)
July, 13 2020
July 15, 2020
(this is a team hosted event)
04-06,07-08,09-10,11-12,13-14,15-18 (Finals)


2020 CVRSL Finals Hosted by the Selma Swim Club 

Facility: Selma High School Pool

 Please let us know if you are, or are not, planning to participate in the Finals. 

Warm-ups: 7:00-7:15 am in lanes 4-6. Swimmmers must be checked in before the 7:45 coaches meeting or be scratched (unless you have spoken directly with your coach). Meet start time is 9:00. Please read the attached document for more information. 

6 volunteers needed for the second half in lane 1: 3 timers, 1 recorder, and 2 stroke and turn officials. (8:00 meeting for s&t officials)