May 2, 2020 (03:00 AM) - May 3, 2020 (03:00 AM)
March, 10 2020
Aqua group (Sep through Feb), Coaches, Grey group (Sep through Feb), High School Fall Warm Up (3x per week), High School Fall Warm Up (6x per week), Navy (Sep through Mar), Royal (Sep through Feb), Scholarship, Senior Group (Sep through Mar), White group (Sep through Feb)


**Any competitive LMAC swimmer is eligible to attend regardless of whether or not you are participating in Spring Clinic or the Summer Training Program.  


**You must have a previous long course time in an event to do an event--NT is not accepted.


GPAC LONG COURSE Derby A/BB/C USA Swim Invitational Meet

  • Eligibility:  All LMAC competitive swimmers aged 9 & older; keep in mind that this is a 50m pool--double the size of a the LMHS pool
  • Dates:  May 2-3, 2020
  • Location:  GCIT (Sewell, NJ)
  • Cost:  $6 per event + $7 per swimmer surcharge (charged by event host, not LMAC)
  • Sign Up is DUE:  March 10 @ 5:00pm!
  • Times:
    • Saturday & Sunday: 
      • 12 & Younger AM Session
      • Distance Midday
      • 13 & Older PM Session
    • See meet information packet for exact times
  • Sign Up Instructions;  Sign up is done ENTIRELY ONLINE.  Click on Edit Commitment, this will take you to a page with each of your swimmers listed.  When you choose yes for a specific swimmer to attend, you will be prompted to choose events for that swimmer.  We will enter your swimmer in the events you have chosen and you will be billed after we have attended the meet (we wait until after the meet in case the meet is cancelled--in which case you will not be billed).