Registration- Spring/Summer Season 2020

Feb 26, 2020 - Apr 30, 2020
April, 30 2020


Greetings GLT Swim Families!!  We are excited to announce the spring/summer registration is now open and available.  Please read this in full and email me with any questions that may arise.  

Dates:  Spring/Summer Season will be April 13th- July 31, 2020 (16 weeks).

To Register Please declare yes/no to this event, and place your payment preference (in full or installments) in the notes section.  If you have a Middle Schooler who plans to swim with their school team, please make note of that while registering so that you are billed the correct amount. 

Spring/Summer Important Information:   Just like last year, the B oard has agreed to give each swimmer a discount of 3 weeks during this season.  The discounted cost is already calculated into the session fees (see attachment below).  If you choose to take a break from swim (vacation, other activites, etc.), then these days will offset the cost for you.  If you choose to swim continuously throughout spring/summer, then you have 3 free weeks.  This means, we will not be able to prorate any further for swimmers if they are gone more than 3 weeks.


More Info on Middle School Swim:   If you have a middle school swimmer who wants to swim with their school exclusively, they can do so and will be able to jump back into the water as soon as their season is over with the school.  Middle school swimmers will not have the option to pay in installments.  It's best to register your MS swimmer now (rather than at the end of MS Swim Season) so that you are active and can register for meets for later in the season as they become available.  If your swimmer wants to swim MS and GLT (full or part time), then you will pay for the regular GLT price.  Be sure to talk to the coach about jugglilng both.  If you have any questions about this option this year, don't hesitate to email  


Hope to see you in the pool this spring/summer!!!