2020 Spring Training

Apr 7, 2020 - Jun 26, 2020
March, 11 2020


Spring Training 

Start date 4/7/2020.  End date 6/26/2020.

Please register for our Spring Training on the website, just as you would for a swim meet.  In the comments section, please indicate if your swimmer is interested in doing Track1 or Track 2. If there is not Track selected, we will assume the swimmer is signed up for Track 1.  Senior 1 and Senior 2 groups do not offer Track 2 option

Schedule will be very similar to what it was during Fall/Winter

Registration at the front desk will not open until mid-March and any question related to spring training should go directly to Chris Karelus or Gillian Hauptman.

Attached you will find our Spring training overview.