ZEUS Spring Invitational LCM (All Squads)

May 16, 2020 (06:45 AM) - May 17, 2020 (06:00 PM)
April, 18 2020


LOCATION: Velo-CT Sports Complex, 8 Willard Rd, Norwalk, CT, 06851

MEET FORMAT: The meet will be swum as Timed-Final


SESSION TIMES: Subject to Change

13&O:  Sat & Sun Check-in 6:45am // Warmup 7:00am // Meet Start 8:00am

8-12: Sat & Sun Check-in 11:45am // Warmup 12:00pm // Meet Start 1:00pm

ENTRY LIMITATIONS: Max 4 entries per session.

DECLARATION DEADLINE: Saturday, April 18, 2020.

ENTRY FEES: Electronic entries: $10.00 for individual events, $10.00 RAC Surcharge

SWIMWEAR: Per CT Swimming policy, swimmers 12 years old and younger are not permitted to wear “Tech
Suits” at any CT sanctioned or approved meets. "Tech Suits" are defined as a suit that has Bonded Seams,
Kinetic Tape, or Meshed Seams. Age is determined on the first date of the meet.

Meet Management has the full authority to restrict any and all photography, audio and visual
recording using cameras, video cameras, tablets, cell phones or other electronic devices at a meet.
Photography or video recording from the deck is prohibited by all individuals, other than participating
Coaches, unless prior authorization from the Meet Referee or meet referee has been granted.
Under no circumstances is photography or video recording permitted by anyone in the area adjacent
to or behind the starting blocks, including spectator stands at deck level, while they are in use for race
starting purposes during competition and warm-ups. Flash photography is prohibited during the start
of any heat, including whenever any swimmer is stepping up or standing on a block for the purpose of
the start of a heat.
Photography or video recording and the use of audio, including a cell phone, is not permitted in changing
areas, rest rooms or locker rooms. Additional "No Camera Zones" may be designated by Meet
Management or the meet referee.
If individuals are properly credentialed, not obstructing movement on the deck and abiding by these
rules, the following individuals may be allowed by Meet Management and the meet referee with prior
authorization if they possess the following:

Professional photographers with current, official media credentials that are promoting the sport of
Official team and professional meet photographers that are USA Swimming members, background
checked, have signed off on MAAPP and completed Athlete Protection Training
A participating athlete directly assisting a Coach, for instructional purposes, during an event using
the Coach’s electronic device

Any individual failing to abide by these rules may be ejected from the facility and be subject to a Code of
Conduct violation at the discretion of Meet Management.

TIMERS, OFFICIALS OR WORK ASSIGNMENTS: The host team will require timers from teams in
proportion to the size of their entries. Team assignments will be posted on the team website 4 days prior to the
meet. All volunteers will be required to attest to reading and understanding the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention
DECK ACCESS: Only athletes, coaches, officials, and official meet staff actively participating in the meet are
permitted on the pool deck.
SCORING: The meet will not be scored.

PARKING: Parking for all event attendees is in the parking lot across the street from the entrance to the
facility. No Parking, standing or drop-off will be allowed directly in front of the facility. Security will be on site
to instruct and assist with parking.
DIRECTIONS: Velo-CT Sports complex is located on 8 Willard Street, Norwalk, CT 06851.We suggest
inserting an online map link with the option to get directions. Please make sure the address you select is the
actual location of the pool. Many times pool addresses are not the physical location of the pool.