LONG COURSE TRAINING TRIP - Gold, Platinum & Senior Swimmers eligible-Cancelled

Jun 22, 2020 (05:30 AM) - Jun 25, 2020 (08:30 PM)
March, 11 2020
Gold, Platinum, Senior (A Group), Senior (B Group)


BBST Long Course Training Trip 

Please declare YES or NO by Monday, March 9th so we can make reservations

Who: All Gold, Platinum, and Senior A & B swimmers are invited

Dates: June 22-25, 2020

Where: Wenatchee, WA

Cost: Approx. $200-$325 per swimmer (final cost is determined by how many swimmers attend)

  1. INCLUDED in the above fee -  3 nights of lodging plus pre-practice snacks in Wenatchee
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    IMPORTANT: Please note that we are staying in vacation homes rented through AirBNB, in either Wenatchee or Leavenworth. The final decision of which home(s) we rent will be based on the number of swimmers participating in the trip. The lodging cost will be divided equally between the kids declaring yes for the trip, hence the range given presently. A declaration of "YES" to this event is a commitment to paying the fee for the event. If your swimmer becomes ill and cannot go or your family's plans change after you have committed to this event, your account will still be billed for the cost of this trip.