Jun 1, 2020 (05:00 PM) - Aug 7, 2020 (11:59 PM)
May, 29 2020


First day of Spring/Summer 2020 season = Monday June 1st

Dear Parents and Swimmers,

After thorough and thoughtful consideration, we are on the eve of resuming modified programming on June 1st, 2020 to a restricted number of swimmers.  In accordance, with current local/state requirements and USA Swimming guidelines, and with the help of our numerous healthcare agencies, the coaching staff has established an initial schedule and list of safety expectations for our return to the pool.  We are taking a conservative and cautious approach to resuming swimming and ‘group’ activities. 

We also understand that not all families currently feel comfortable returning to swim or dryland practices.  While your participation is welcome, we understand and support any decision to postpone your swimmer’s return to the team.  Each family should do what they feel is in their best interest. 

We envision re-introducing swimmers back to the pool and group activities to be a multi-phase process. We will not put a timeline on when we proceed to Phase 2 as this is contingent upon many evolving factors.  Instead, we will evaluate the safety and effectiveness of Phase 1 accordingly and use this information to develop Phase 2.  

As mentioned, our initial plans will restrict our numbers to two swimmers per lane starting at opposite ends of the pool.  If there are swimmers who are siblings and close in age and ability level, we will allow 3 in a lane, but no more.  This strategy will only allow approximately 50 swimmers to begin swimming on June 1st. In addition to swimming, we are also going to offer ‘group dryland’ opportunities.  These are restricted to no more than 15 swimmers in a group.  Social distancing will be expected and enforced at all activities.  The Village of Waunakee requires us to provide a list of procedures and reserve space for operation of any group activity.  These dryland opportunities will be open to any age and level of swimmers on our team, regardless if you have begun to swim or not.  We cannot emphasize enough that all guidelines and procedures must be followed, both on land and in the water, as there will be eyes on us. We want to progress as safely and quickly as possible to continue to increase opportunities for all our team members.  So please be respectful of all the procedures and guidelines.

PHASE 1 swimming to begin at 5:30am at Cherokee Country Club




    Thank You to Our Valued Partners