100 Day Burpee Challenge

Mar 22, 2020 (11:00 PM) - Jun 29, 2020 (11:00 PM)
March, 31 2020


Hello Team,

The 100 Day Burpee Challenge starts on Day 1 with one Burpee and you add one Burpee each day until you complete 100 Burpees on Day 100. Burpees are a fantastic full body strength and cardio exercise to improve overall fitness. See the parameters below:

1) The perfect plan is you do the assigned Burpees per day, but it's ok to work ahead, especially when the numbers are lower and/or you want to plan in a day of rest. Try not to fall behind, though... it can be hard to catch back up.

2) Use the tracking form with dates, Day #, and assigned # of Burpees along with space for you to write in how many you completed.

3) Burpees done during any other dryland workout DO count toward your assigned daily total. If you do more, then credit yourself the next day for those extra Burpees!

4) There is more than one accepted movement standard for Burpees, and I'm going to make available video tutorials of how to do a Burpee correctly. You need to choose the style that works for you when you have to do 100 of these altogether. There are also modified versions. There's no shame in modifying if it gets you doing more burpees than you usually do. We want everyone stronger, not injured.

5) You can break them up however you want. They do not need to be done all at the same time.

This is one of those unifying exercises we can do together as a team, PARENTS INCLUDED! We certainly anticipate being back in the pool before Day 100, and will keep this challenge going as we return to the pool. 

Please see the links below for video tutorials on how to do proper Burpees. I personally choose to do the Crossfit movement standard for Burpee where you lay your chest on the ground and jump off the ground with hands overhead on each rep. The tracking chart is in pdf format and attached like a meet flyer to this Event Page.

TODAY, MARCH 23RD, IS DAY 1! Please commit YES that you are in and we can do check-ins with those participating as the days tick away!

Crossfit Burpee Movement Standard (These can easily get lazy if you do not carry a good plank to the floor. If you get sloppy it can start to aggravate your lower back, so make the effort to do it right, or just focus on the up-down without the push up)

Burpee Variations For You To Choose From (Mountain Climbers, Tuck Jumps, Combination versions in this video are extra credit, so only factor those in if you want to add to the workload and can do so injury free. If you are new to Burpees, focus on the beginning progressions to get yourself started on the 100 Day Challenge, then progress as you feel yourself ready to do so)

Addressing Common Errors (I personally prefer my hands outside my knees, but he addresses preventing sloppy drops to your knees, and poor placement of hands and elbows for the push up phase of the exercise. Note his fingers facing forward and elbows are close to ribs versus being flared out. This protects the shoulders. Audio is poor due to wind, but otherwise it's a pretty good video clip)

If you are NOT doing push ups properly on a regular basis, just focus on the down-plank-up portion to get yourself moving on this challenge. You can add push ups in carefully and gradually as you progress daily in the challenge.