Swim Sibs 2020

Mar 24, 2020 - Oct 31, 2020
April, 1 2020


Hurricane Families,

On our Instragram yesterday, our Swim Sib program was brought up.  It was something we did a couple years ago, but then as the season ended, the program seemed to as well.


What a fun time to be able to bring it back!!


For those who don't know... Swim Sibs is where we pair up a younger athlete (little sib) and an older athlete (big sib) on the team.  They work with each other all year.  Some make goodie bags for each other.  Some write notes. And they all have fun cheering on their Swim Sibs at swim meets!


It's a great way to get our team to bond and to have our older swimmers mentoring our younger swimmers.


Swim Sibs will look a little different at the moment.  But, what a great way for our swimmers to connect with each other and continue to support one another during this time.  


Every Monday, I'll send out a little challenge/activity for the Swim Sibs to do together (virtually).  It'll be fun!


For now....

I'll be sending an "event" in an email.  Please sign your swimmer up if they want to participate! (sign up by Sunday night).  From there I'll assign Swim Sibs and we'll get started.


Let me know if you have any questions.

-Coach Leah