PTAC 2020 Long Course Online Virtual Sessions

Apr 6, 2020 - Aug 31, 2020
August, 31 2020
AG1,AG2,AG3,Developmental 2,Developmental 3,Developmental 4,JR,SR,VAR (DeNunzio Pool)


Hello PTAC Families,

We have an important update for the Long Course season.  USA swimming will now allow for Clubs to hold their own online "virtual" drylands.  This is great news for PTAC!  We are excited for the opportunity to continue training as a team during this time away from the water.

These online sessions will consist of dryland training, team meetings, technique discussions, motivational talks, and everything else that we will normally do at PTAC but without time in the water.  Our plan will be to combine a few groups and run 4 different online sessions throughout the day.  Swimmers who cannot make their scheduled time may make up with another group with coaches’ permission.

We will be starting Online Virtual Sessions on Monday, April 6th.  Families must complete the online waiver before the first online session.

There will be a separate tuition cost for these online drylands.  This tuition will not be directly associated with normal group tuition.

Class Schedule and Cost

Developmental 2 / Age Group 1 / Age Group 2
3 Sessions Per Week
Mondays / Wednesdays / Fridays
3:45 – 4:30 PM
$20 Per Week

Age Group 3
4 Sessions Per Week
Mondays / Tuesdays / Wednesday / Thursdays
5:30 - 6:30 PM
$35 Per Week

Developmental 3 / Developmental 4 / Varsity
4 Sessions Per Week
Mondays / Tuesdays / Wednesday / Thursdays
6:30 - 7:30 PM
$35 Per Week

Junior / Senior
5 Sessions Per Week
Mondays / Tuesdays / Wednesday / Thursdays / Fridays
4:30 - 5:30 PM
$40 Per Week  

Cost for the Long Course Season

No change to previous policy on Swimming Tuition
If we miss any weeks of SWIM TRAINING after the original planned start date of Monday April 13th, we will look to extend the season for the same number of weeks after the planned end date of Sunday July 19th for all Developmental Groups and Sunday July 26th for all other Groups.  All swimmers who are signed up for the Long Course season should plan to be training and competing in August.  If teams in our region are delayed a significant amount, we expect the NJ swimming and USA swimming calendars to shift accordingly.  We may also attend new August competitions created in response to the later start time.

For any amount of SWIMMING time that we are not able to reschedule - PTAC will offer a credit to team accounts prorated to the number of weeks that will be missed.  

Cost For Online Sessions
At the end of the month we will apply a charge to team accounts for the total number PTAC Online training weeks completed that month.  These will be applied in the same way that we apply event charges for competition.  This charge is not related to regular PTAC swimming tuition

Training Setup

We are currently setting up a PTAC Zoom account and working on a number of technical questions.  Once these have been answered we will send another email with links to these online classrooms and also post them on the Website Calendar Page.

Notes and Requirements

Supervision - Workouts will be supervised by the USA swimming required number of coaches.  We also strongly recommend parent supervision, especially for our 10 and Under swimmers to navigate the online classroom. 

Training Space - Parents must ensure that the training space is safe and free from obstructions.  Coaches will also check however our view may be limited by what we can see through the online classroom.

Members - Only PTAC team members may participate in dryland training. Family members can monitor however they will not be allowed to participate.

Online Waiver - Parents must sign a waiver for the swimmer to participate.

Required Equipment

Exercises will primarily be based on swimmer’s bodyweight, however we will require some equipment.  This equipment is detailed below – and coaches may add equipment as the training evolves.

Developmental 2 / Age Group 1 / Age Group 2
Workout Clothing, Sneakers, Water Bottle, Towel or Yoga Mat

Age Group 3
Workout Clothing, Sneakers, Water Bottle, Towel or Yoga Mat, Kickboard

Developmental 3 / Developmental 4 / Varsity
Workout Clothing, Sneakers, Water Bottle, Towel or Yoga Mat

Junior / Senior
(all equipment from our dryland training document)

If you have any further questions, please email our Head Coach Miles Cava <miles.cava@gmail.com> and our Team Manger Carolina Juvenal <anajuvenal@hotmail.com>

Best regards,
Tigers Aquatics Coaches and Staff