Anthem Pool Closed till April 30

Mar 24, 2020 - Apr 12, 2020
March, 24 2020


 The Anthem Community Center and Pool will remain closed till April 30

Coach Paul and Scott are working on a plan to have small groups swim either 1 or 2 swimmers per lane only for up to an hour, but the earliest would be May 1

For anyone who is paid up to date you will get a credit for half this month on your account. We have many people that owe for practice and swim meets but that can be taken care of after things go back to "normal".

Please contact me or Coach Paul if you have any questions about the scheudle or our swimmers safety.

All the Coaches are continuing to stay active and have things for the swimmers to do over break.

Look for more of those and other ideas coming like a lake swim or other outdoor activites.

We will NOT be running April payments so don't worry about that coming out of your accounts, however once we re-open anyone with a balance from meets will need to pay those before attending practices.

Coach Scott