April 1

Apr 1, 2020 (11:11 AM) - May 31, 2020 (11:11 AM)
April, 1 2020


Butterfly Turn


On the last stroke stretch for the wall with both hands and drive the leg kick. Touch the wall with both hands and lift the knees towards the chest and place both feet on the wall. One arm then moves forward cutting underwater, the trailing arm is taken over the water surface and the hand cuts into the water to meet up with the leading arm. As you push off the wall underwater, stretch down the pool with hands and feet held together to develop good streamlining. Before full stroke swimming is resumed, five or more dolphin leg kicks are executed, to a maximum of fifteen meters within the laws of swimming, as greater speed can be found whilst underwater when good streamlining is achieved.

Butterfly turns - video

Dolphin Kicks the 5th Stroke of swimming.  How many dolphin kicks do you do?  You must increase the numbers each season.  If you do five dolphins now, next season you need to work on six.  Practicing you dolphins every day will make a big difference in your success. Who knows, by the time you're a Senior in high school you will be able to maximize your dolphins to the 15-meter mark in every Butterfly race