Liability Waiver for Virtual Dryland Sessions

Apr 15, 2020 (07:00 AM) - May 30, 2020 (06:00 PM)
April, 18 2020



To our SVSC parents & swimmers:

Hoping your household is staying healthy & appreciated the scheduled swim break. In lieu of the SV pool being closed with the COVID mandates, this week the coaching staff will be launching our Dry Land Training that provides structure for our USA Swimming athletes to stay fit with a plan for the next several weeks via ZOOM Sessions. Thanks to our coaching staff for designing this plan for our athlete members.

USA Swimming has updated their “covered activities” under the participant accident insurance program to include virtual dryland training. However, participating in this training are at the participant's own risk and by participating in the online training, you understand and agree to hold Seneca Valley Swim Club harmless of any and all accidents or injuries that may occur as a result of participating in the at home Zoom dryland sessions. This online program has been created to independently motivate staying active during the COVID-19 Stay At Home mandates and engage your athlete with their coaches and teammates. The participation that occurs is solely at your own risk and all minors must have parental consent to participate.  

By signing this medical liability waiver, I hereby release Seneca Valley Swim Club, its directors, officers, agents, coaches, and employees from liability for any injury that might occur to my athlete(s) while participating in the Seneca Valley Swim Club Dryland Zoom sessions.

By signing this medical liability waiver, I hereby acknowledge that my athlete(s) is (are) physically fit and capable of participation in the training. (Do not start this training program if your physician or health care provider advises against it.)