Summer Swim Season

Jun 17, 2020 - Aug 2, 2020
June, 17 2020


Due to COVID-19 swimming this spring and summer are up in the air. We do not know when our practices may start and we do not know which meets will be held. Many meets have already been cancelled. Meets on our planned schedule that have not been cancelled will be listed. As meet information becomes available, we will open up the registration for events or cancel the meet depending on what our club and the meet hosts decide.

It will be best to sign up for meets listed on our events page if you are thinking of going, regardless of whether or season has started or not. We will not charge anyone for a meet that is cancelled. If the meet is being held, and you decide not to attend, withdraw from the meet by the meet's "change and withdrawal deadline" or you may be charged meet fees.

The registration deadline is set to ensure we get into a meet as a team. If the meet remains open to more entries we may reopen the entry system to more swimmers.

You must register for the team to sign up for these meets. If you have been on Velocity before you will need to re-register.

Coach Carl