COVID-19 Interim Swim Program (Phase 2)

May 4, 2020 - Aug 7, 2020
May, 15 2020


There is no better time than now to embrace the concept, "Less is More".  There is no better time than now to embrace CSI Swim's Mission, "We Build Athletes".  It is time to transform this particularly challenging time into an opportunity to not only achieve our short and long-term swimming goals, but to become the best possible you, in each and every way.

We are able to begin our proposed (Phase 2) COVID-19 interim training plan on Tuesday, May 26. The specific execution of this plan is dependent upon the guidelines provided to us by the CDC and Ohio Governor DeWine. Adjustments should be expected. 

For an additional $49/month, we are offering a very comprehensive home training program called “Train Heroic”  that can be downloaded and used by each of our swimmers. This software training platform allows the coaching staff to deliver personalized coaching for each of our training groups. The easy-to-use, robust interface provides our swimmers with detailed training prescriptions, video instruction, daily coaching communication, fun and easy to use tracking, analytics and much more. 

* Swimmers must register separately for this optional monthly dryland program (Train Heroic)

Note: This interim training program is optional. Billing installments for all previous registrations have been frozen.  Once we are permitted to train as regularly scheduled, billing installments from previous registrations will resume, and our COVID-19 interim program will conclude. 

All swimmers who sign up for the interim training plan must commit to the entire summer season (May 26 - Aug 29).  The monthly fee outlined below will be autodrafted in three installments (June 1, July 1, August 1).

Senior  ($189 / month): 

6 one-hour swims/week

Junior ($120 / month):

4 one-hour swims/week  

Primary / Developmental ($80 / month):

2 one-hour swims/week

Cyclones ($80 / month):

2 one-hour swims/week


*In order to begin, you must click the "REGISTER ONLINE" button above.

Once you have registered, you may sign up for a time slot by clicking the link below.