CAST IronMay Challenge

May 1, 2020 (12:01 AM) - May 31, 2020 (11:59 PM)
May, 8 2020


This Event is for Individual & Team Registration

Hello CAST,

While everyone is hunkered down in a “wait and see mode” we wanted to give our athletes something to look forward to and keep them honest while they train at home and keep them competitive. This is an excellent event for all swimmers and family members.

IronMay Dualthon

What is it?

The IronMay virtual Duathlon is an event organized by the Fellowship Baptist Church in Cheney. Participants have one month to complete all three components of an Ironman race. Because water is not accessible to anyone right now, this year the competition is a Duathlon with only the run and bike.

Beginning May 1 our swimmers will compete to complete the 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run as quickly as they can. All distances are submitted online through the competition website and awards are given accordingly. This is an online competition, so all athletes are responsible for logging their own Distances (On Your Honor!) after each Bike/Run. The distance are totaled for each athlete or team and each athlete can see their distances and the leader boards in real time on the  IronMay website. At the end of May, the leaders in each category are those who complete the most Marathon Distances in the Bike and the Run. For example the Individual Champion last year completed 12 IronMans during the entire month of May.

Distances are logged “On Your Honor”

Complete Honesty is required from all participants in this competition. The Distances must be measurable by a fitness device or app.

The bike can be completed on road outside or on a stationary bike. The settings on a stationary bike at home should be on a moderate setting or medium resistance a stationary bike that is set to easy or no resistance would allow the participant to spin unreasonably fast and would obtain a longer distance than someone biking on. This would be considered cheating.   

Competition Categories:

We prefer that CAST Members compete in the IronDualthlon. We feel that without access to our usual competitive schedule that athletes need a quantifiable or measurable opportunity to compete in order to challenge themselves against their peers and keep them honest about staying in peak physical condition while we are out of the water.

Not only will CAST Swimmers and Families be competing against each other, but we will also be competing against swimmers and families from other local teams like SWAT and WEST.

Get your mind into competition mode and bring your “A” Game to this one.

Let’s see what the fish can do on land!


There is an IronQuarantine Division also however it is not quantifiable. We prefer athletes register for the IronDualthlon but it is not required.



The Cost for this event is $11 per person. Each Event will be for the specific division you would like to race in-remember you can do it as an individual or in a team of up to 5 people!


WHERE is IronMay?
The event can take place anywhere (even on a spaceship)!  Therein lies the beauty, and uniqueness, of IronMay - anyone can participate wherever they live or travel in the world.  Since the activity is logged online, all you need is an internet connection to participate.  Even teams don't need to be in the same physical location.  Regularly, there are several family teams that live in different areas of the country or world who can come together to participate as one.  

How Much Does it Cost?
The Early Entry Fee is $11 per participant.  Early entries must be received by April 28th.  The Late Entry Fee (April 30th-May 8th) is $15 per participant.  Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, community, and participants, IronMay has been able to keep entry costs low to maximize access to the event.  If you wish to support that commitment,  consider making a donation.  


Event Distance
Typically, IronMay is divided into three legs (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run).  However, due to restrictions and safe practices tied to COVID-19, IronMay has two competition options for 2020. 

  • Option 1: IronDuathlon (bike and run/walk distances for an Ironman race)
    • Bike: 112 miles
    • Run/Walk: 26.2 miles

You may exceed the minimum miles or hours for either option during IronMay, so keep logging your activity if you surpass them.  Multiple  awards are up for grabs, including the most ironmans completed by individuals and teams.

Exercise Modes

Training for IronMay can occur ANYWHERE, WHENEVER!  Outdoors, stuck at home, you name it.  Specific exercise modes for each competition option include:

  • Option 1: IronDuathlon
    • Bike: You may ride outdoors or use an indoor stationary bike.  When mileage is unknown, check out the time conversion factor and resources provided in the  FAQ section.
    • Run/Walk: You can walk, jog, or run on tracks, treadmills, roads, trails, etc.  When mileage is unknown, check out the track lap conversion factor and resources provided in the  FAQ section.



You are solely responsible for completing the minimum distances/hours for all three legs within the month of May.

  • Recreational: This division is intended for individuals who simply want to have fun and challenge themselves by completing at least 1 IronDuathlon by the end of May.  
  • Champion division: This division is for individuals who go full BEAST MODE and complete 4+ IronDuathlons in May.  Anyone who qualifies for this division will automatically earn a Champion t-shirt and compete for additional  awards.


All teams can be comprised of 2-5 members.  Team members can divide the IronDuathlon or IronQuarantine distances/hours between themselves in any manner.  Remember, the team total is the finisher goal - each team member does not have to solely complete the IronDuathlon or IronQuarantine distances!

  • Recreational: This division is intended for teams who simply want to have fun and challenge themselves by completing at least 1 ironman-distance triathlon by the end of May.  Typically, we have family and corporate team options as well, but for 2020, we're rolling them all into the same division of teams.  
  • Champion division: This division is for teams who go full BEAST MODE and complete 10+ IronDuathlons or 170+ IronQuarantine hours in May.  Any teams who qualify for this division will automatically earn Champion t-shirts and compete for additional awards. 


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