May swimming practice opt yes or no

May 18, 2020 - May 30, 2020
May, 13 2020
Bronze, Coaches, Senior, Silver


Parents and Swimmers,

   Great news! The City has given us permission to swim starting May 18th under VERY STRICT guidelines. 

The rules and specifics will be discussed in a zoom meeting on Thursday, 7 PM for bronze, 7:15 PM for Silver, and 7:30 PM for seniors. This is a parent meeting and is very important to attend.

   Flippers parents and swimmers - Due to limited space and the strict guidelines, Coaches have decided it would be safer to wait until June for the Flippers. Hoping by then, we will have more space and some new guidelines.


PLEASE sign up in order to swim the last two weeks of May. Times and groups will be released after we compile a list of athletes. The times will NOT be normal workout times and we understand it may cause some issues. We will do our best to accommodate. Fees will be prorated based on workouts.

Remember to log in and select if you will be swimming or not for the rest of May. We also realize some people may not be ready to come back and that is perfectly fine as well.

This does not impact June.

Its a small step but actually a very big one to get us back in the pool and back to a sense of normalcy for our athletes!


Thank you! Coach Charlie