SMAC/ GA Viral Senior Invite

Jul 11, 2020 (08:00 AM) - Jul 12, 2020
July, 6 2020



THe meet for Jully 11-12 is a go. Gwinette Aquatics and Swim Macon will host a sanctioned meet at Northside Swim Club. This meet is for all SMAC swimmers. 

In order to social distance, this meet will be flighted into several sessions of 30 swimmers or less based on entry times. We will need parents to volunteer to time during your swimmer's session. It's in the shade and we will priovide water and snacks for timers, plus it's great fun to socialize! Timers will be provided masks (the nice breathable kind). Deck space will be limited to swimmers, timers, coaches and officlas only, so bring an EZ-Up tent or the like.

The flighted sessions will last between 90-120 min each, and the kids will be able to swim 3 events per day. Due to the nature of the meet, the coaches will enter the events for the swimmers. Simply commit to the meet and leave the event list blank.

I'm new to this meet format as well, so I'm learning from Hugh at GA how to run this type of meet. 

Deadline to sign up is in 10 days. Please respond ASAP!