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August Training

Aug 5, 2020 - Aug 24, 2020
July, 30 2020
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We will have a combination of pool and lake swimming in August.

Dates: Wednesday August 5th - Monday August 24th (6 pool sessions and 3 lake sessions)

Location: Monday and Friday evenings at the Comox 19 Wing Base Pool and Wednesday at Comox Lake Dam.

Cost: $70 for the month

Base pool swims will be split into two groups. 

Group 1: Monday 6:50 - 8:00 PM and Friday 5:50 - 7:00 PM
Grace, Ava, Julia Revenberg; Iris Tinmouth; Savanna Hall; Hailey Hickman; Shayna Jewitt; Nathan Johnson; Nadia, Tobias Macluskie; Laine Perry; Jordan Raume; Sam Southen; Sadie Williams; Jasmine Ho-Gillis; Devyn Cruickashank

Group 2: Monday 5:50 - 6:45 PM and Friday 7:05 - 8:00 PM
Solena Chernov; Samuel Kriegler; Sophie, Luc Nel; Alisha Priebe; Thansi Wees; Chantelle Lambert; Noah Lewall; Noah McLaren; Jemin, Yuna Park; Andrew Shearer; Liam, Logan Wigger; Sasha Woldnik; Sienna Baroutis; Luca Bisaro-de Faria; Faren Brinkman; Jessica Brotherstone; Sophie Clark; Sera Hammett; Keira Johnson; Kayleigh McDonald.

Groups may have some changes once signup is complete.

Covid-19 Rules

In order to promote social distancing and a healthy environment the following rules/guidelines will be followed

  1. Start time is time we will meet outside the facility. While outside we will perform health screens, provide hand sanitizer, go over lane protocols and quick activiation
  2. Swimmers shall arrive in swim suits - you will not change at the facility
  3. Upon going inside swimmers will proceed to their designated lane position.
  4. Following practice swimmers will have 5 minutes to clear the facility - no changeroom

Bubble Partner

  • In cases where 2 or 3 swimmers are starting from the end of the pool and in the same lane we will be organizing bubble partners.
  • These will be swimmers you can share lane space with while resting and listening to your coach (not equipment). They can be family members or friends your family is comfortable you being within 2m of.
  • Following signup we will be requesting a list of your acceptable bubble partners, you can submit multiple names as that will allow flexibility of lane assignments
  • If you do not have a teammate you can think of as a bubble partner or are not comfortable sharing lane space please let Tyler know.

Please be aware of our return to sport plan. The bubble partner system will be encorporated into the next draft of the document.