Swimming this Fall

Jul 23, 2020 (11:11 AM) - Oct 31, 2020 (11:11 AM)
July, 23 2020


The year round team is scheduled to start back at Shasta College on Tuesday, August 18th.  Of course, with all that is COVID-19, they could always change their mind.  But as of today, we believe this is our approved start date for the year-round program.  

If you are currently an active member on the Aqua Ducks (Year-Round) your membership and spot on the team will remain safe.

Swimmers that were on wait-list or Summer Ducks that wish to join this Fall, please sign up on our website starting August 1st.  We will still have a cap on our membership, but we will take swimmers on a first-come, first-serve approach based on registration. 

Practice Schedule – School Year




General Guideline


5:15-6:00 pm M-Thurs

Shasta College

3rd Grade and younger

Age Group 1

5:30-7:00 pm M-Thurs

4:15-6:00pm Friday

Shasta College

4th Grade and older

Age Group 2

5:15-7:00 pm M-Thurs

4:15-6:00pm Friday

Shasta College

4th Grade and older

Junior Team

5:15-7:00 pm M-Thurs

4:15-6:00pm Friday

Morning workouts available

Shasta College

Generally, 5th through 8th grade.

Senior 1

4:00-5:30 pm M-Friday

Shasta College

High School

Senior 2

3:45-6:00 pm M-Friday

5:30-6:45 am optional

Shasta College

Generally High School 13 and up

Senior 3

3:45-6:00 pm M-Friday

5:30-6:45 am M & Thurs

Shasta College

Generally High School 14 and up


5:30-7:00 am M-Friday

5:00-7:00 pm M-Thurs   

4:15-6:00 pm Friday                                  

Shasta College



Must read details:

  • Members of the Redding Swim Team must only use the Main Entrance (South) for entrance and exit of Shasta College.
  • Parking Pass must be placed on dash board while entering and parking at Shasta College.  Parking Pass is attached below.
  • Only allowed to park in the pool parking lot (Northeast parking lot).  Refer to map attached.
  • Participants will enter the East pool gate for Health Screening.
  • Face mask are required for anyone not currently swimming.

Practice/Instruction Procedure:

  • Participants/swimmers must maintain six (6) feet apart at all times.
  • Participants/swimmers will enter on the south side gate and exit the north side gate when practice/instruction has ended.
  • Participants/swimmers will participate in a brief health screening upon arrival. 

Health Screening:

  1. Have the participants/swimmers been in close contact with someone exposed to COVID-19 in the last 14 days?
  2. Participants/swimmers will be asked a series of questions related to symptoms of COVID-19, these questions are provided to us by the CDC and Shasta County Health Department.  
  3. Participants will have their temperature taken prior to entering the facility.
  4. Participants with temperature over 100.4 will do not be allowed to return until regular temperature is returned to normal (98.6) for three days.
  • Parents/guardians may accompany young children at the check in table during the health screening. The check-in table is located at the east side of the Shasta College Pool.  Parent must wear face mask.
  • No parents/guardians, spectators are allowed on pool deck or campus. 
  • Swimmers and parents/guardians shall not mingle outside on campus and/or parking lot.  
  • Participants/swimmers must arrive and leave the facility in their swimsuit.  We recommend that the participants/swimmers wear loose fitting attire over their swim suits.
  • Participants/swimmers will shower at the pool deck prior to entering the water.
  • Participants/swimmers will be issued a floor mat during the check-in and will be assigned a specific lane.
  • Swimmers/participants must be able to swim 25 yards without stopping.
  • Participants/swimmers must be able to independently pull themselves out of the pool multiple times during practice/instruction time. 
  • Participants/swimmers shall not share personal items such as towels, equipment, water bottles and any other items that doesn’t belong to them.
  • All participants/swimmers must return signed waiver.  – Those receiving this email have already signed waiver, thank you.
  • Participants/swimmers must be registered with the Redding Swim Team prior to attending first day of instruction.