MT Swim Junior BC Championship

Mar 5, 2022 - Mar 6, 2022
January, 21 2022


Host: MT Swimming and Bozeman Barracudas

Location: Bozeman Swim Center

Pool: SCY 25-yard Indoor Pool

Qualifying Meet: Swimmers may only enter events in which the swimmer has achieved a B time or slower in any course within the qualifying time period.  No Time (NT) entries are accepted for this meet.

This meet is for those swimmers not attending the State Championship meet.  It is an extremely exciting and energetic meet to attend and we strongly encourage those that qualify for this meet to attend and finish their season on a high note!   If you have any questions regarding this meet, please ask Coach Hans or your group lead coach. 

This year's meet file will be posted once available and a notification email will be sent when registration is open.