UTSC Snowflake Classic Invitational @ Wheeler HS, Valparaiso, IN

Jan 15, 2021 (05:00 PM) - Jan 17, 2021 (06:00 PM)
December, 24 2020



Wheeler High School, 597 W. 300 N., Valparaiso, IN 46385





Swimmers will be limited to 5 individual events and 1 relay event per day.  Only 1 relay will be allowed per team per event.



Entry fees - $2 IS Swimmer Surcharge / $5 per individual event / $8 per relay (split equally amoung the four members)

Admission fees - There will be NO spectators allowed for this meet.



Friday PM (Sessions 1 - ALL age groups):  Begin at 5:25 pm (CPSC swimmers need to be on deck by 5:10 pm

Saturday & Sunday AM (Sessions 2 & 5 -  8 & U / 11-12 age groups ):  Begin at 8:45 am (CPSC swimmers need to be on deck by 8:30 am)

Saturday & Sunday PM (Sessions 3 & 6 -  13 & O / 9-10 age groups ):   Begin at 12:00 noon   (CPSC swimmers need to be on deck by 11:45 am)

Saturday Evening (Sessions 4 -  11 & O 1650 Freestyle):    Warm Ups will begin immediately following Session 3 and the pool will be open for 10 minutes....session will start at 2:30 pm


All swimmers must check-in with Coach John prior to each session. 




Meet Safety Plan

  • Masks are to be worn by swimmers at all times while on Deck.   (As swimmers go behind the blocks before their races, they can put their mask in a small Ziploc baggie.)

  • No spectators allowed in facility: swimmers, parent volunteers, coaches and officials only.

  • Masks are to be worn by all coaches, officials and parent volunteers.

  • Each team will have a designated seating area in the bleachers or on deck.

  • No parents are allowed in main hall

  • Drop off: swimmers are to be dropped off at the main hall doors. 

  • Pick-up: We will designate team pick up areas in the East parking lot. Team volunteers will take swimmers out to the cars in groups of 10 or less at the conclusion of the session.

  • Swimmers will line up behind the blocks two heats before their  race. They shall enter the blocks area from the east side of the pool and leave from the west side of the pool.

  • All heats will have a Clerk of Course sending swimmers behind the block at the appropriate time.

  • Swimmers are to arrive in their swimsuits. Locker rooms will be available for limited (5 minute max) access for suit changes and bathroom accessibility. During this time, swimmers must maintain 6 feet of separation from others and masks must be worn during the entire locker room visit. 

  • Each team is to provide 'Mask Marshalls' to ensure their teams swimmers are wearing masks and practicing social distancing while in the facility and to assist in sending swimmers to the clerk.

  • Coaches will be responsible for ensuring their swimmers adhere to USA Swimming social distancing protocols while in the water. 6ft distances will be marked on side of pool.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the facility

  • The Hospitality room for Coaches and Officials will have prepackaged food when practical

  • Only prepackaged concessions if applicable

  • Each team is allowed no more than 3 Safe Sport Observers in order to adhere to USA Swimming Safe Sport Protocols

  • Each team will provide two timers who will wear masks at all times while on deck. The Typhoons will provide the remainder of the timers

  • There will be NO positive check-in

  • Cones or other markers will be used as a reference to show 6 ft distances. 

  • There will be no splashing, touching, spitting or yelling allowed by swimmers. 

  • Only one warning will be issued to swimmers, coaches, officials for not following our guidelines, a second infraction will result in removal from the meet