Read & Sign Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy

Aug 23, 2020 - Sep 30, 2020
September, 30 2020
October 1, 2020
(this is a team hosted event)
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Welcome to the 2020-2021 swim season!

The Whitehorse Glacier Bears swim club Board of Directors adopted a new Code of Conduct & Ethics on April 30, 2019.

This policy applies to all Athletes, Coaches, Swim Families/Parents/Guardians, 

and Directors and Officials.  The WGB Board of Directors requests that:

1. Each swim family read and review the link to our  Code of Conduct and Ethics. (<=click here to read)

2. AGREE to this Code of Conduct and Ethics policy by signing up your athlete(s) name in their squad under the Job Sign up area of this EVENT. 

*For families with multiple swimmers please sign up each athlete under their squad.

Click on the Job SignUp button found in the top right hand corner of this EVENT page and indicate your swimmer's name (as their guardian/parent) you are then agreeing to this Code of Conduct & Ethics policy, AND, your swimmer is also agreeing (athletes under the age of 18 years of age).

3. Deadline to complete this review & Sign up is September 30, 2020 for your swim family and athlete(s).

NOTE: You must SIGN IN to our club website to be able to SIGN up your athlete to their squad when AGREEING to this NEW Code of Conduct & Ethics Policy for the 2020-2021 swim season.