Subscription of PDST 2020 Yearbook

Aug 25, 2020 - Feb 28, 2021
December, 31 2020


Dear PDST members:
Sorry for the delay but the 2019-2020 yearbooks are ready for you to subscribe now! There are over 60 yearbooks and various wonderful contents & photos within!

Busts of PDST swimmers for each group:

Funny& Cool events happened during the season and quarantine period

Swim mees we miss it a lot:

Stories you want to share with:

Special letters from Coach Xu:

It's a PDST treasure worth collecting throughout life! 
Please click the link and attend it on the order page entering your swimmer name, or add your swimmer's name on the WeChat All group to coach Leon.
One swimmer one book. The cost of the yearbook is $25.00. This will be charged into your PDST account or you can pay cash as well.

I will deliver the books to members who are on the list of subscribers. 
Anyone who would like to have the books as a great memory please feel free to take action!

Best Regards,
Coach Leon