Sep 26, 2020 (09:00 AM) - Sep 27, 2020 (05:00 PM)
September, 10 2020


  • Due to the Kingsport Aquatic Center capacity limitations we have had to revise the spectator allowance to one (1) per swimmer. Pre-registration IS REQUIRED to ensure access. Timers and meet volunteers DO NOT count against the spectator count. Parents with swimmers in multiple sessions will be allowed to have swimmer(s) sit with them in bleachers. 
  • Parent/Spectator Registration Form For Fall Kickoff
  • The Kingsport Aquatic Center is requiring that everyone vacate the building with their belongings within15 minutes of the conclusion of events in Sessions I & III in order to facilitate disinfection for the 2nd session. This will be about an hour break. The time does not start until the building has been cleared,  so it is very important to exit the facility ASAP!
  • We will provide a coaches and officials lunch during the break on both days at the new outdoor pavilion. The Aquatic Center has extended us the opportunity to use this area during the cleaning break only after the morning sessions and before the start of the afternoon sessions on Saturday & Sunday. Due to liability concerns, they have insisted that this be offered to Officials, Admin Staff, and Coaches only. NO swimmers or dependants.
  • The Entry Doors to the Aquatic Center for the public will open at 8:00 AM for the morning sessions and approximately 12:30pm for the afternoon sessions. 
  • Building Access for Swimmers will enter the pool through the wet corridor area and proceed to team areas. Check-in for volunteers and coaches will be at the entrance to the wet corridor hallway for all sessions to obtain their wristband. Officials dressed in their whites will pass through and check in with Tom Schumann on Saturday and Jack Gump on Sunday. Spectators will check in at the shallow end pool entry for each session to verify their Pre-registration and receive their wrist band for each session. Different colors for each session, Those in multiple sessions will be able to check in quicker by displaying the previous session wrist band. 
  • The Warm-ups for the Afternoon sessions will not start before 12:45pm on both days
  • Teams Areas are as follows: Please make sure you do not block any walkways and door entrances. Swimmers will not be allowed to set-up or camp out along the walls of the competition pool. We are asking them to stay in their team area. They may cheer for their team mates on the rockwall side of the pool as long as they maintain social distancing and face coverings. THE PALMER CENTER WARM POOL AND SLIDE POOL ARE CLOSED AND OFF LIMITS! Please remind swimmers it is their responsibility to wear a face covering and practice social distancing in team areas and when inside the Aquatic Center. They will remove the mask when their heat is called up to the heat 1 assigned bench.  
    • KP - Shallow end partition wall and area in front of indoor slide
    • MTSC - small bleacher by party room A
    • SAC - bleacher by kiddie pool corner
    • ACAC - wall area by Palmer Center Warm Pool
    • PA - large double bleacher area under scoreboard
  • Coaches  will have 3 chairs spaced along the spectator bleacher side of the pool for each team. We ask that coaches stay on this side as much as possible. Swimmers will exit the pool area after each race to the bleacher side so they can talk to their coach and then proceed to their team area or warm down pool. Coaches and officials hospitality will be available in Party Room A  with lunch during cleaning break at the outdoor pavilion. Coaches we ask that you use your face coverings when you are not able to maintain social distancing and conversing with your swimmers.
  • Bull Pen Staging Procedures for heats. Swimmers are not allowed to report directly to the blocks.
    • Heat 1 - will report to benches along the wall behind blocks. They will place their towel and mask on bench and wait for referee to signal their heat to the blocks which will occur once the preceding heat exits the deck 
    • Heats 2 & 3 will stage in the chairs lined up along the glass partition pool wall facing the Palmer Center Warm Pool. 
    • Heats 4 + will stage on the partition wall at the end of the Palmer Center Warm Pool.
  • Locker Rooms, Restrooms are assigned as follows
    • Swimmers - Family restrooms and locker rooms (limit of 10) in wet hallway
    • Coaches, officials, volunteers - family restrooms in wet hallway, restrooms on pool deck
    • Spectators - bathrooms in lobby
  • Volunteers are needed so coaches if you have any parents available to help we have need for the following: (Reminder - this does not count against spectator allowance)
    • hall monitors 
    • clerk of course staffing 
    • awards table
    • runners
    • timers, volunteers, and officials hospitality
    • check-in tables, and door monitors. 
  • Awards Presentations will not be taking place due to social distancing issues and the necessity to clear the building for sanitation. We will bagg all ribbons and high point awards for each team. Please remember to pick yours up from the awards table at the conclusion before you leave the meet.
  • Digital Heat Sheets and Meet Mobile  will be available. I will post the final heat sheets on our website and email them to you on Wednesday September 23rd. Heat sheet copies will be posted on the walls by team areas and in spectator areas. Meet Mobile is active and will be used for heat sheets and results. Heat sheets will not be offered for sale at the meet.

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