Bank Duty/ Covid 19 Officer September - October 2020

Sep 21, 2020 (05:45 AM) - Oct 31, 2020 (12:00 PM)
October, 11 2020
October 10, 2020
(this is a team hosted event)


Please find attached the Bank Duty/Covid 19 Officer rota for the months of September /October 2020 which is now  open to sign up.  We appreciate your assistance.

In order to comply with Swim Ireland, child protection requirements parents are asked to perform bank duty.   To ensure cover parents of one swimmer will be required to sign up for a slot every month and 2 slots every second month. Parents of two swimmers will be required to sign up for 3 slots and 2 every second month.   Once job signup date is closed any vacant dates will be allotted to people who have not signed up and if there are additional slots that need to be filled.    If a date allotted/selected  by you does not suit please make alternative cover arrangements with another parent on the schedule, and notify the CCO of any changes. The committee appreciates your assistance with this.   E-mail