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2020 Swim-A-Thon

Oct 17, 2020
October, 10 2020



Temecula Tritons is planning on having out 2020 Swim-A-Thon on Saturday October 17, 2020 at Drop Zone (please remember dates could change based on COVID guidelines). Swimmers from our club will be fundraising over the next few weeks leading up and then on the day of the event they will have one hour to see how many laps they can achieve. All of this to help our team raise extra funds. Fundraising officially opens up Friday September 18, 2020

Our swim club has many activities or equipment needs that are not covered by the monthly dues. Proceeds that are raised by events like our Swim-A-Thon usually will go towards covering relay team entries, travel for swimmers and coaches to away meets, awards/ recognition for swimmers achievements, swim clinics, and equipment such as team ez-ups, stop watches, team practice equipment, and timing system items for meets we host. Note that also this years fundraising proceeds will also go towards helping us cover extra pool time and coaching we have needed to take on with having to cover the spread out environment we have needed to do with current situations.

By donating you can help our swimmers have these extra items and events that can bring their swimming experience to the next level.  Remember there is a fundraising of commitment of $100 per family for the year and this will be the last chance to fulfill that before the year is up or be invoiced. (Stroke School #1, Stroke School #2, PreCompetitve and Fitness are exempt but we encourage you to still participate).

 We are a non-profit organization and all donations are considered a tax write-off.

 For members on the team this event will be a competition not amongst just the swimmers but amongst our swim groups as well. With the use of our websites fundraising platform swimmers will be able to create their own personal page.Fundraising will be open till 2 weeks after the swim-a-thon is complete. The platform will track real time fundraising at the end of each week between September 4rd– October 30th. Top group fundraisers the week of September 21st, September 28th, October 5th,  and October 12th will receive a ice cream party. After the swim-a-thon is complete we will have prizes for the top 3 fundraisers:  


  • 1st Place Top Individual Earner: TYR Backpack, Team Swim Cap, Team Tshirt, $75 gift card to CAS, and 3x30 minute privates lessons from a TMEC Coach of Choice
  • 2nd Place Top Individual Earner: Team Swim Cap, Team Tshirt, $50 gift card to CAS, and 2x30 minute private lessons from TMEC Coach of Choice
  • 3rd Place Top Individual Earner: Team Swim Cap, $25 gift card to CAS, and 1x30 minute private lesson from TMEC Coach of Choice.

 USA Swimming will also have prizes for those who raise funds as well. Prizes will be determined on how much you raise.

This year we will be using a new platform for fundraising that is directly linked in our team site. Please note the following steps/ features:

  • Starting Friday September 18 there will be a banner link at the top of the team website. This link is where members can access their profile but also where they can send those donating to click on as well.
  • Once you click on banner you will go to profile.
    • Here click on “Setup” tab
    • Put in your Fundraising Goal Amount
    • Put in your T-Shirt Size
    • Put in your “laps” goal
    • Add in a message on why you are fundraising and what your goals will be.
    • Add a Profile Pic
    • Click Save
  • Click on “Promote” tab
    • This is where you can invite people to donate to your personal pages
    • “Enter Emails” tab you can input peoples emails and send them out
    • “Social” tab is how you can add links to your social media accounts
  • Other Features:
    • “Results” tab:
      • This is where you can track how much you are raising and who has donated to you.
      • Also note that you can see your current fundraising funds and what place among the team you are in with fundraising at the top of your profile information as well.
  • We also can track offline donations as well but please make sure all checks are made to Temecula Tritons Swim Club.

 All fundraising done at this event will go to each families Fundraising requirement for the 2020 year; but remember the more we fundraise as a team the more we can do for the team and our swimmers going into the next year!!!