Practice Sign-up - week of Sept 19 JR + SR

Sep 19, 2020 - Sep 24, 2020
September, 16 2020
September 15, 2020
(this is a team hosted event)



The biggest challenges in Week 1 have been getting to know the new swimmers and getting them in the productive practice groups. Each week we should get better and better at grouping swimmers. Jamie from the WAVE was on deck on Sunday, which helped a lot at learning about swimmers.


Early afternoon practices

Dan Braun, our aquatic director, has been amazing at finding ways for us to get in the pool and get as many people as possible swimming. For the weeks of Sept 21 and Sept 28, Dan has helped us get some pool space in the early afternoons. If we can get some swimmers swimming in the afternoon, that will free up some space in the evenings for people that are on the waitlist. For the weeks of Sept 21 and Sept 28, we are going to have practices from 1:00-2:30 PM Monday through Thursday. We have space for 8 people. These spots are open to SR swimmers and JR swimmers that can make 10 x 100 on 1:30.


These spots will be prioritized on


  1. Number of afternoons a swimmer can make it.
  2. Swimming practice ability – swimmers that can do the same things work better in a group. Depending on people’s availability we may swim IM workouts or distance workouts or something else during this time. we may choose people that fit with the workout, but we won’t know until we find out who is available.


The goal is to get consistent groups of swimmers that work well together. Monday and Wednesday may look very different than Tuesday and Thursday because of the way the Oshkosh School district runs its hybrid system.


We are trying this for a couple of weeks. We don’t know if we will have too many people that can take advantage of this option or not enough. We are just searching for ways to give more people the opportunity to get in the water.


JR + SR Sign-ups for this week – READ CAREFULLY.

  1. Each day has its own individual sign-up. You may have to sign-up 7 times (6 days plus afternoons)
  2. If you are available and eligible (at least being able to swim 10 x 100 on 1:30) to swim in the afternoon, sign-up for the afternoons, listing the days that you are available this week, AND sign-up for evenings as well. If we can get you in the afternoon, you will be deleted from the evening practice. If we are not able to get you in the afternoon, you will be placed in the evening practice group.


Waitlist swimmers

For the weeks of Sept 21 and Sept 28 sign-up for any practices if you can attend. If we are able to shift some swimmers from the evening to the afternoon, we should be able to get waitlist swimmers in the water. If we run out of room and cannot fit in all the waitlist swimmers then we will prioritize waitlist swimmers by order that the registered for the waitlist.


Fees for waitlist swimmers.

  1. Any waitlist swimmer that wants to participate in practices needs to be a member of the Oshkosh YMCA. If you haven’t done this (most likely because you didn’t know if you would get in the pool) you can do this by calling the front desk of the Oshkosh YMCA.
  2. Program fees – we will figure out what is fair after the first couple of weeks. If swimmers are getting prioritized out of practices, we will figure out a system different than that for swimmers that always have the option for 6 practices.