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Savers Fundraiser

Oct 3, 2020
October, 3 2020


Our SAVERS Fundraiser is finally here!!  Due to COVID-19, we had to postpone this fundraiser that was supposed to have taken place in May, but it will now be on Saturday October 3rd, at 1:00pm.  We will be collecting the bags at Murrieta Mesa High School starting at 12:00pm with a drive-thru drop off next to the pool entrance. 

Due to the new COVID-19 restrictions, we are limited on what we can donate. 

Please pay close attention to the following:
Our stores are currently inundated with these items and can accept only about 10 boxes per group.  Currently hard goods, books, and media are .02 per lb.  Your group will make more money collecting soft goods such as clothing, shoes, bags, bedding, and other household linens. 

Everything MUST be in a bag or box!

We also need to have an accurate bag count (by size) before we head over to SAVERS for our 1pm drop off.  Please take a minute and fill out this Google Form to specify which sizes bags you are bringing and what will be in them.  The normal kitchen bag is considered a #14 and the large black trash bags (lawn bags) are considered #23 size bags.  This google form will help track who participated and this fundraiser will count towards your yearly fundraising fees.

We need certain items lumped together. They are asking for clothing to be in a bag by itself, shoes in another bag by themselves, and the towels and linens in other bags by themselves. We can also have boxes of books, but we are very limited and do not make much with books this time.  Bags (handbags) can be with the towels and linens.

More information will follow, but we NEED an accurate count of bags since we are only allowed 3 trucks to drop off.  We will need to figure out if we will be shuttling trucks back and forth or if we should rent a U-Haul.

Our Goal is to make $2000, which will surpass the first SAVERS fundraiser of $1800.  I will be also sending out a website with this information when it is done being set up.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

We are also looking for people willing to possibly help us out with delivery that have large truck beds!

Thank you,

James Schneider

TMEC Treasurer