Sep 14, 2020 - Oct 28, 2020
October, 26 2020
October 25, 2020
(this is a team hosted event)
2020 Jr B I 2x (M 7pm@GMU, Th 7pm @SJ),2020 Jr B I 2x (T 6:15pm, Th 7pm @ SJ),2020 Jr B II 2x (T 7pm SJ, F 6:30pm GMU),2020 Jr B II 2x (T 7pm SJ, F 7:45pm GMU),2020 Jr B II 2x (W 6:30GMU, Sat 9am SJ),2020 Jr Bl/G 3x AM (T/Th/F 6:15am@SJ),2020 Jr Blue I 1x (Sat 10am @ SJ),2020 Jr Blue I (1x/wk),2020 Jr Blue I 2x (T/Th 7pm @ SJ),2020 JR Blue I-Both Sessions@CCF (2x/wk),2020 JR Blue I-Both Sessions@CCF(3x/wk),2020 Jr Blue I-Fall Session@CCF (2x/wk),2020 JR Blue I-Fall Session@CCF (3x/wk),2020 Jr Blue II 2x (T/Th 7pm SJ),2020 Jr Blue I-Spring Session@CCF 2x wk,2020 Jr Blue I-Spring Session@CCF(3x/wk),2020 Junior Blue I (2x/week),2020 Junior Blue II (2x/wk),2020 Junior Blue II (3x/week),2020 Junior Blue II-Both Sessions@CCF2wk,2020 Junior Blue II-Both Sessions@CCF3wk,2020 Junior Blue II-Fall Session@CCF 2wk,2020 Junior Blue II-Fall Session@CCF 3wk,2020 Junior Blue II-Spring Session@CCF 2,2020 Junior Blue II-Spring Session@CCF 3,2020 Junior Gold (3x/week),2020 Junior Gold (4x/week),2020 Mini Mako Gold 2x,2020 Mini Makos Gold (3x/week),2020 MMG 2x (M 10:15 SJ, F 5:15 GMU),2020 MMG 2x (M 10:15 SJ, Th 6:15pm GMU),2020 MMG 2x (M 10:15 SJ, Th 7pm SJ),2020 MMG 2x (M 10:15 SJ, W 5:15 GMU),2020 MMG 2x (M 8am SJ, Sat 10am SJ),2020 MMG 2x (W 5:15 GMU, S 10am SJ),2020 MMG 3x (M 10:15 SJ, W/F/5:15 GMU),2020 MMG 3x (W/F 5:15 GMU, S 10am SJ),Jr B II 3x (M9am SJ, T/Th 7:30 @ GMU),Jr B II 3x (M9am SJ, T/Th 7pm @ SJ),Jr B II 3x (M 9am@SJ, W5:15pm, F7pm@GMU) ([* ALL Locations *])


Is your 9-12 year old swimmer interested in adding an extra practice to their schedule?  For the next seven weeks we have lane space in the HEATED outdoor pool at The Country Club of Fairfax on Mondays and Wednesdays.  The cost is $20 each practice and a coach will be there to guide your swimmer through a workout.  Please click HERE to sign up for a time (5-6 pm on Mon/Wed).

Please note this is meant for swimmers that are interested in adding to their workouts while the weather is still nice out.  This is NOT intended to be a make up practice.  Email admin@makoswimming.net with any questions.