Charlotte Open Water Championships

Oct 10, 2020
October, 3 2020
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ATOM Nation,

It’s been awhile since ATOM has had an open water race on the schedule and we wanted to take a moment to expand on the open water opportunity on October 10.  Our new Black Group and Senior 2 coach, Doug Miller, has a passion for open water swimming and has been providing opportunities for ATOM swimmers for a while now, specifically during quarantine.  He is committed to safety and providing a great introduction to this side of our sport.  For the first time, Doug has organized an event instead of meet-up swims and he would like ATOM to be a part of the experience!

Signing up for this event is different than a swim meet.  The event will be listed on the website, but you are not committing like you normally do.  You must sign-up through the below link and ATOM has a special discount code.  Simply type in ATOM during the checkout process.  If you have any questions, please ask your group coach! REGISTRATION CLOSES ON OCTOBER 3

We know for some, this type of swimming is foreign.  But we also know that many have had the opportunity to spend time on lakes and rivers for long weekends and vacations, especially during this pandemic time.  While you might have never done an organized swim, we have heard many kids come back from such trips saying they challenged themselves to swim form dock to dock or pick out a sandbar and swim to and from those points.  Well, we have great news… That’s an open water swim!! 

The Charlotte Open Water Championships is a sectioned off course on the Catawba River in Belmont, NC where there will be kayakers following the swimmers for guidance and help as well as the local PD and Fire department.  It is a well-thought-out event that will be a great intro into open water.  Do not be thrown by the word “championships”.  This is absolutely an event for all abilities and speeds and the focus is on fun.  It will take place on the Catawba River with many spots to be able to stand up if you feel the need. 

It is a unique way to train and has carryover to events in the pool, especially distance free.  There will be no practice offered this day, so open water is your only swimming opportunity.

Thank you,

ATOM Coaching Staff