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RICE Aquatics/Twin Lakes Open Water Time Trials Meet

Oct 18, 2020
October, 1 2020
C,Gulf 1,Gulf 2,National,National Prep,State,State Prep ([* ALL Locations *])


This is for groups State, National Prep, and National Groups. State Prep, Gulf 1, & Gulf 2 should visit with your Group Coaches and gain permission before making declarations. 


Twin Lakes Scuba Park is a 31 acre aquifer fed lake. It is located on Highway 6 just 1.6 miles east of Texas 288 in Manvel, TX 77578. Please note that Twin Lakes charges $5 cash per vehicle into the park. No dogs or smoking allowed in the Scuba Park.

This is multi-session single day meet. Meet will start at 9am and run in hourly sessions.
Session 1: Sunday – October 18th 2020
Meet Start: 9:00 am
*Host team will publish the sessions / team assignments /warm-up and start times on the Gulf webpage. Warm-up for Session 1 will begin :40 minutes prior to the start of the first session and all subsequent warmups will begin :40 min prior to the start of the specific session.

This is an Open Water lake swim. The race course will be 800 meters. Race will start from a dock entry / timed start. It will be swum in a clockwise direction with buoys staying on your right shoulder. The finish shall take place at the floating dock. USA Swimmers are not allowed to wear any device that will aid their speed. Athletes should wear brightly colored caps for this event.

There are three events offered in each session of this meet. Swim order per session will be: 800 meter (single loop around lake) , 3200 meter (four loops around lake) and 1600 meter (two loops around lake). Maps with race course will be posted online.

While there are no qualifying standards for this event, you should be able to complete the one mile swim within :30 minutes or faster to swim in this meet. You should be healthy and in reasonably fit swimming shape. Swimmers will be allotted :15 min per ½ mile to complete the course.

Number of Events: Each swimmer may enter a single event at this meet. Swimmers aged 10 & Under may swim the 800 meter race only. Swimmers aged 11-12 may swim the 1600 meter race only. Swimmers aged 13 & Over may choose either the 1600 meter or 3200 meter race as their event.