Goggle Gobble Swim Meet

Nov 8, 2020 (01:00 PM) - Nov 8, 2020 (06:00 PM)
October, 29 2020
Pre-Senior,Senior A,Senior B (RHS)


Our next meet opportunity is VERY SOON! This meet will be on a Sunday only and will be for swimmers that are 11-18 years old. Mostly our Presenior and Senior group, with a few Intermediates. 

This meet will be held in Canton at the Camden Recreation Center. 

There is a $30 flat fee for each swimmer. 

As usual during this time, parents/spectators will not be allowed. 

I strongly encourage Senior swimmers that are close to state cuts to attend as many meets as possible, as we never know when meets will be available. Many teams are cancelling meets, so we are lucky to have at least one meet in November. We are not sure when the next one will be, so I would encourage those swimmers to take full advantage of this meet.