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Saturday Non-Sanctioned Time Trials

Oct 31, 2020 (06:30 AM) - Oct 31, 2020 (09:30 AM)
October, 30 2020


We are going to utilize USA Swimmings offer to track non-sanctioned times!  This will be done by offering events to race on all Saturdays that do not have another sanctioned meet scheduled.  Time results will be submitted to the USA Swimming Non-Sanctioned times portal.  You can go to this link and find all our results that are non-sanctioned.  It will be a fun way to find and see your progression this season!  

Each Saturday time trial will be seeded by times into 4 racing lanes.  The other 6 lanes will be used for warmups and cool downs after races.  

Saturday Time Trial Schedule:

6:30am doors to facility open

6:45am - 7:30am Warm Up 10 lanes at 2 swimmers per lane open.  Depending on turnout we will rotate all swimmers into a warmup lane as needed prior to the 7:30am close of warmups and start of racing.  

7:40am - 9:15am Racing in 4 lanes with touch pads only.  

9:15am - 9:30am Cool down and clean up for all swimmers 

Events:  Swimmers can choose 3 events of the events on offer and swim a relay that will be announced weekly.  Entry to your event can be done at arrival to the pool.  Entries for that Saturday will close at 7:15am! No registration necessary.  Show up and circle 3 events you want to race in that are on offer for your age.

October 17th:  

Event formats TBA.  Expect something new for Halloween!

Saturday time trials are open to all registered swimmers of TTST.  Novice swimmers just getting into the sport do not need to participate if they do not feel ready.  We encourage turnout from our 10 and Under Regional, Pre-Senior, Senior, and National levels.

*All COVID - 19 distancing procedures and mask requirements are in place during these Saturday events.

Swim on,

Coach Cyrus