KEY Fall Invitational - Virtual

Oct 23, 2020 - Oct 25, 2020 (10:00 PM)
October, 18 2020
October 23, 2020
(this is a team hosted event)
Coaches, Year-Round


This meet is the second meet of the 2020-2021 Short Course Yards season and the first full-team meet of the season.  It is hosted by South Family YMCA (KEY) but will be run in a virtual format with our sessions taking place at the Lakota Family YMCA in the indoor pool.  This meet will count towards 3 meet minimum requirement to participate in our end of season championship meets.  All swimmers are highly encouraged to participate in this meet.

All swimmers should wear team caps and suits for all events throughout the meet.

Coaches will choose events for swimmers for this meet. 

Updated Schedule:                  Arrival Time         Warmup          Meet Start          Meet End

Friday afternoon:                         3:30pm              4:00pm            5:10pm              6:10pm

Saturday morning: 11 & O:          8:30am              9:00am           10:00am            12:15pm

Saturday afternoon: 10 & U:      12:45pm              1:00pm            2:15pm              3:30pm

Sunday "morning" 11 & O:          11:30am            12:00pm           1:00pm              3:00pm

Sunday afternoon: 10 & U:          3:15pm              3:40pm             4:30pm              6:15pm

Volunteers:  We will need 12-18 volunteers for each session.  A signup will be coming shortly.  Volunteers should wear masks at all times.  This meet will be a huge undertaking and the coaching staff alone cannot run everything.  We need everyone's help to make this meet a success.  Please consider volunteering.  As stated below, it will be one of the only ways to get to see the meet in person. 

Officials:  We will need officials for each session.  Officials should contact Peter Russell with the sessions they can officiate. 

Family and Spectators: At this time we will not be allowing general spectators for this meet.  10 & Under swimmers may have one parent/guardian per family with them in the facility if absolutely necessary, however we encourage as few parents as possible so the deck does not get too crowded.  Any changes to this policy will be announced.  The meet will be live streamed so spectators can watch remotely.