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TMEC 3rd Inner Squad Meet

Nov 14, 2020
November, 1 2020



We are planning on having a Inner Squad Meet on November 14 at Drop Zone. We are still under COVID guidelines and must limit our gathering numbers so at this time how the sessions/ events will be decided will be determined by swimmers who commit by Sunday November 1st. If you don’t commit by the 1st then you will not be able to attend the event.


Please note the following:

  • To make sure that we can cover referee and admin fees there will be a surcharge of $10 per swimmer who participates. Once you commit you are responsible to pay even if you decide last minute you are not able to attend.
  • Swimmers will swim in events coaches choose after November 1st. Swimmers will be limited to 3 events during the event.
  • No parents will be allowed on deck . Due to safety guidelines we have to keep numbers on deck low.
  • We will have 1 timer that will be done by a volunteering swimmers. 
  • Swimmers warning up will do so in the non-race lanes. 1 swimmer per lane. 
  • Entering and exiting the facility will be the same protocols as practice.  


We are opening up the option for all our swimmers to attend however if you are in Stroke School #1 or Stroke School #2 we recommend that you first check with your swimmers coach if this would be a good time for them to try a competition. We encourage our Stroke School levels to first finish all groups and then start competition once they are in Pre-Competitive group as then they have demonstrated that they can legally do all stroke technique.

To commit to the event please make sure to go to the teams events page. Again if you don’t commit by November 1st you will not be considered for the event.