Nov 21, 2020 (06:30 AM) - Nov 22, 2020 (04:00 PM)
November, 18 2020
Age Group,Development Black,Development Blue,Junior,National,Senior Black,Senior Blue ([* ALL Locations *])


LOCATION: Star Hill Family Athletic Center

WAIVER: All participants and spectators must sign the Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement.

These waivers are to be collected on deck, at the meet.  Please bring your copy.

MEET TYPE: Closed; Dual with RAC

WARM-UPS: Subject to Change

All 6 lanes will be used for warmups. All numbers are based on roster size at the time of submittal

Session 1 (10&U) Saturday Warmup 12:30p // Meet Start 1:00pm

Session 2 (11&12) Saturday Warmup 3:30p // Meet Start 4:00pm

Session 3 (13&14) Sunday  Warmup 12:00p // Meet Start 12:30pm

Session 4 (15&O) Sunday Warmup 3:30p // Meet Start 4:00pm

No spectators allowed. A live-stream of the meet will be offered on Zoom. Details of the live-stream will be sent out closer to the event date.

The facility is closed to all families. The only people who should be in the building are Athletes, Coaches, Officials, Support Staff.

Masks must always be worn when not in the pool.

Timers and Officials must always wear masks.

Designated bathrooms are assigned, and usage will be restricted to 1 person at a time. Coaches, Officials, and Support Staff will use the locker room Each team will have a designated bathroom to use (RAC will use the lobby, NCA will use the bathroom near to their team area) Parents will use the bathroom on the second floor. There is a separate entrance and exit for parents to use to access the bathroom. Signs will be up to direct parents where to go. Just a reminder that the second floor has windows overlooking the pool. Parents are not allowed to gather there are watch the swim meet.


Swimmers must remain off the pool deck unless they are warming up or racing. • Swimmers will need to bring their own Chairs/Blankets and practice social distancing.

There will be designated areas for teams to set up. Please view map attached.

Announcements will be made periodically as reminders of events. • When entering the pool everyone must sanitize their hands at stations provided. There is a dispenser on the window outside of the pool that athletes will use.

A single heat will be allowed behind the block at a time, the next heat will be staged at the bullpen area.

Swimmers - must walk to their lanes 1 going first and 6 going last.

Swimmers - must walk up to the blocks with masks and leave them with their warmups/sweatshirt/pants.

Once the race is complete they will exit the pool, put their masks on and return to their area to dry off. The route athletes must take is on the attached map.

Swimmers will exit pool, walk along the lane 6 wall side of the pool, around the shallow end, then exit the pool deck thru the hallway door near the lane 1 side. Athletes will then follow the hallway to their designated team areas.

Timers - designated spots on the ground will be marked for each timer to stand on while waiting for the race to complete and when starting the watch.

Timers - upon completion of the race timers will record their time, step away from the blocks, swimmers in the water will exit, and walk away from the start and end of the pool. Then the next heat will walk over, get ready and the starter will start the race. Once the swimmers are approaching the finish timers will step forward from their standing area and record their times.

FACILITY: Star Hill Family Athletic Center Competition Pool is a 6 -lane, 25-yard pool. Water depth at the start end is 12FT. Water depth at the turn end is 4FT. 

LOCKER ROOMS: Showers and locker rooms are limited to use of the restrooms only. Changing into or out of swimsuits is prohibited. SAFE SPORT POLICIES: All sessions during the swim meet will be live via Zoom. NCA will email RAC with log in information a few days prior to the start of the meet with a link and password.

DISABLED ACCESS: Handicap accessibility throughout the facility