CAT Jingle Bell Meet

Dec 4, 2020 (07:00 AM) - Dec 6, 2020 (08:00 PM)
November, 24 2020


The Long Center, Clearwater, Fl

12/4 - 12/6

The 2020 Jingle Bell Meet will be running it a bit differently this year. Please read below.
This meet will be run AAU Prelims and USA Swimming Time Trials on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for 9-10, 11-12, 13-14 and Open. AAU Timed Finals for 8 & Under will be swum in the morning sessions Friday -Sunday.
The afternoon session will be run as a USA Swimming Time Trial. One heat of each gender for age group 9-10, two heats(top 16) of each gender for age groups 11-12, 13-14 & Open.
Meet notes:

Ï     There will NOT be a concession stand at this meet, please bring your own snacks and drinks.

Ï     While on the Long Center property (inside), adults are to have a mask on at all times and keep a distance of 6' from others.

Ï     Athlete tents can be set up on the west side of the building in the designated parking lot area.

Ï      The sun deck at the west side of the building would be the designated staging area for swimmers.(NO parents allowed)

Ï     Parents are not allowed in the designated athlete area at any time.

Ï     Athletes are to bring their own chair or towel to sit on.

Ï     Parents are advised to bring their own chairs while outside in the grass area(Please do not approach the Athletes, they may come to you)

Ï     Parents are allowed to observe the meet from the spectator bleachers one event at a time and then must exit outside.( You will be entering there west end of the building upstairs and exiting on the east end. ) Only 20 people are allowed in the viewing area upstairs at one time.  Please be courteous to others and exit quickly after your swimmers event so others will be able to do the same .   (This is a City of Clearwater Covid Rule that is in place)

Ï     Warm ups for (AAU Prelims) morning sessions - 6:45am and for (USA Swimming Time Trials) - 4pm.

Ï     Just a reminder, 12 and unders are not allowed to wear tech suits per USA Swimming Rules for the Time Trials.