2021 Canadian Olympic & Paralympic Trials

Apr 7, 2021 - Apr 11, 2021
March, 15 2021


Please note:  The information at this time is what they are planning to do.  However, this may change to selection to INDIVIDUALS only and NO Youth content if the pandemic is still a factor.  Review of the situation will be ongoing, so please note that a swimmer having a youth standards for Trials or even a Senior standard, may still not be eligible as they may have to do a time trial situation.

From Swim Canada

Without knowing what Canada, or Ontario, will look like in April 2021, we are unable to confirm a set format at this time, but have narrowed down to a number of different contingencies. These range from a prelims/finals format, which may include multiple preliminary sessions in a day leading up to finals, to potentially 5-days of timed finals. Invitation only is also a possibility.

We realize none of the above are what any of us envisioned when looking at our Trials for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic & Paralympic Games. John Atkinson said it best. “We have a selection of less than perfect choices, and we are looking to run the best trials we can, given the circumstances we find ourselves in”.

While this information may not help in your planning for April, we are looking to have more concrete information available in late December, or early January, that should help in your organization of travel and logistics for April Trials.


More information will be made available when it comes out.

Thanks, Kelly