2020 Winter 18 & Championships

Dec 11, 2020 - Dec 13, 2020
November, 25 2020


As of Dec 4th we are ON for the meet, and we are at the Miami U pool Dec 11-13!!

Psych sheets are posted below, and specific warm-up times should be posted soon.  There will be a 10 min break after each of the Men's events, and full estimated timelines should be posted soon as well.

No spectators are permitted at the sites; however, there is a need for volunteers. Please have your parents go to the meet website and click on the appropriate link to sign up as a meet volunteer or official.

Masks and/or face coverings must be worn at all times when not in the water, and we should all be socially distanced on deck and in general.

There is positive check in for the 500Y and 1650Y freestyle and the 400Y IM that is due the DAY BEFORE the event.  Please have your distance event swimmer communicate with Coach John should they need to scratch, otherwise he will check you in to your event the day prior.

Athletes must arrive and depart in their suits. Locker rooms are for restroom use only and must not be used for changing or showering. Deck changing is prohibited.  **This is their wording and protocols - sorry but it looks like you'll need to arrive in your tech suits, and if this changes Coach John will let you know!**