Watertown Meet

Dec 5, 2020 - Dec 6, 2020
November, 23 2020


 Recommend for 12 & Under swimmers and newer 13-14 year olds. 

COVID Information: 

  1. There is no local mandate or protocol. 
  2. The meet has been divided into smaller age groups to control the number of swimmers and spectators during each session. 
  3. There will be workers on deck during the meet.  All workers on deck will wear masks.  18 timers, 4-10 officials, 10-15 coaches will all be on deck.  Swimmers are asked to wait until their heat is called to come behind the blocks. 
  4. There is seating for 300 in the pool area and we ask that parents spread out and wear masks.  2 gyms will also be provided to enable parents and swimmers to safely spread apart. 
  5. All Wellness Center rules will be adhered to.